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Artificial Intelligence and Media Lab

Faculty Name
Hyun Seung Yang
Research Area
Visual Computing, AI-Information Service
#4435, E3­-1

Introduction to AI & Media Lab (AIM Lab)
AI & Media Lab (AIM Lab) currently aims at, using AI and Real-Time Computer Vision Technology, developing a variety of Cognitive Technologies for Security, Surveillance, HCI and HRI, VR/AR based Realistic Media/Contents Technologies and Machine Learning based Big Image/Video Data Analysis and Recognition Technologies. Research areas cover Augmented/Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, Face Recognition, Machine Learning with special emphasis on Deep Learning, Natural User Interface (NUI), etc. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

Using Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Mobile Technologies, AR technology elaborately and seamlessly integrates virtual contents with the real world in real time, hence makes real world and virtual contents collaborate in a unified manner. Depending on applications, virtual contents may take various kinds of form such as images, videos and 3D CG objects in order to provide users not only information but also a new experience by augmenting them on the medium which physically exists in the real world. Currently, Real time Visual Recognition and Tracking Technologies for AR, AR Applications for Education and Entertainment, Mutiple Sensor based Mobile AR Technologies are under development

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR technology provides realistic experience, using virtual world generated by CG and displayed on the VR device such as Head-mounted Display(HMD). VR maximizes immersive experience by creating an illusion as if the user exists in and are interacting with real world. Currently, Psychological and Group Behavior based Realistic Crowd Simulation in Virtual World, and Agent based Training Simulation under Hazardous Situations are under development


Face Recognition

Face Recognition technology, using Computer Vision and Machine Learning, aims at detecting human face from image and video data, extracting features and recognizing the identification of subject. Currently, Robust Face Recognition Technologies for Security, Surveillance and Intelligent Robots are under development.


Machine Learning

Machine Learning aims at, by learning the Big Data, predicting the future outcome of a model, retrieve and/or recognize speech/image/video information. Currently, Big Face Data Learning based Robust Face Recognition Technology is under development. 


NUI (Natural User Interface)

NUI is a kind of natural HCI Technology based on human body centric information such as gesture (hand, arm, body), facial expressions etc. Currently, Gesture based Smart and Remote Control Technologies for Mobile Devices are under development.